Secrets To Buying YOUR FIRST HOME

Photo By: Killian Rose

Photo By: Killian Rose

Buying your first home is scary... Of course you're excited for the many adventures yet to come, but how will you really know you're making the right choice? Will you get an overwhelming, undeniable feeling? Will the clouds part, sending a bursting ray of light onto the property? Or is there a specific method one can follow to ensure their first home, or any home for that matter, is a sound investment? As a real estate and renovation team, Chris and I have subconsciously developed a mental checklist for purchasing property. While we cannot predict all shortcomings within a home, these secrets will help you, as a homebuyer, make a more confident and knowledgable decision.

1. Y O U R  T E A M

Having a team to work with is key when purchasing your first home! Not only do you need quality Realtors on your side, you also need an experienced lender who will help walk you through the lending process. We work closely with many lenders and can happily refer you to a wide variety of banking options! When working with Chris and myself, you and your family become our top priority. Finding your perfect starter home is of our upmost concern and we will do everything in our power to be sure you are happy and satisfied!

2. H I S T O R Y

When did the previous owner purchase this home? What did he/she pay for this home? Study the seller's disclosure provided. What did the previous owner disclose? All of these questions (& many more) should be answered prior to writing a contract on any property.

3. I N S P E C T I O N

Conducting a complete property inspection is one of your expenses as a homebuyer, unless one purchases property "as-is." The size of your future home will cause price to vary, however most first-time homebuyers spend $300-$600 on inspection(s). Many inspectors uncover hidden problems that deter homebuyers from purchasing said property. Consider this the best money you've ever spent!

4. A P P R A I S A L

Most mortgage lenders and their financing will require an appraisal to be completed. While we always pull comparable sold properties before making an offer, an appraisal helps homebuyers (& their financial institution) feel more secure in their future investment.

5. H A V E  F U N

This process can be overwhelming and extremely stressful. We believe it's important to have fun above all else for what's meant to be is meant to be! Losing out on your perfect home will eventually lead you to an even greater property in the end. Don't get caught up on the small stuff! The housing market is constantly in limbo, but our emotions don't have to be. Relax, enjoy the moment, and HAVE FUN with The Miller Team at Century 21.